Find lots of your favorite patiences and add more to them!

September 4, 2002

Find lots of your favorite patiences and add more to them!

  • dozens of different patiences,
  • a possibility to create your own game
  • gamespeed tuning,
  • different card skins
If you like keeping long hours trying to play patiences, this new game was made especially for you. Lots of old and familiar games of different types and new ones. Everything was made to make your gameplaying easy, pleasant and comfortable. The majority of the games has demo mode and a possibility to revoke your last move. Rules description will help you to find the desired game and to clear up its target. You choose the card skins, change the gamespeed, look through the statistics of the game and so on.You will also find something outrageous among these remarkable features. That is a possibility to create your own patiences and add them to this numerous list. It will be your favorite pastime that suits kids and their parents. In the registered version you also obtain new games from all over the world to complete your collection.

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