Absolutist Ltd and INTENIUM GmbH joined forces on a new casual puzzle game


Absolutist Ltd and INTENIUM GmbH joined forces on a new casual puzzle game

May 15, 2007 - Absolutist Ltd announced the completion of its next on-demand development title for the Germany-based INTENIUM GmbH. Developed for PC and Mac, Scepter of Ra will be published by INTENIUM worldwide in English, German, French and other languages to come. Online promo-version will be launched within a month.

"We are always looking for reliable development partners who are able to transform our ideas into a brilliant final product, - Konstantin Nikulin, Managing Director of INTENIUM, says. - With Absolutist we found a professional and creative development team that readily tackled this challenging project within a strict timeframe. Scepter of Ra is our first development project with Absolutist and we are very pleased with the outcome of the cooperation. Surely this is only a first step towards a long term partnership, to provide top-quality games to an ever demanding market. "

The game is a sliding puzzle with vivid Egypt-styled graphics and visual effects. Several game modes will offer enjoyable gameplay to slow-paced puzzle games lovers and fast arcade fans alike. Unobtrusive SFX, high quality graphics and fresh game mechanics make this title stand out in the range of currently offered products on the casual games marketplace.

"Absolutist received an outstanding support and collaboration on many issues from INTENIUM's development team and it has been one of the most constructive development partners we have been working with. We expect this game to be as fun for the casual gamers as it was for the focus groups we tested the game on." - said Alla Khramtsova, CEO of Absolutist.

Scepter of Ra immerses the players in an ancient Egyptian setting while keeping them entertained for hours by putting forth unique twists to the gameplay.

About Absolutist
Absolutist Ltd. is a game developer and publisher with a staff of 50+ and headquarters in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Each programmer has at least five years of experience specializing in C++ programming, Flash, Shockwave, JavaScript and more. Absolutist provides clients with unmatched experience in on-demand game and applications development, cross-platform porting, localization as well as expertise in reducing costs, improving service and maximizing revenue.

About Intenium
Based in Hamburg, Germany, Intenium GmbH is a leading publisher and distributor of casual games in Europe. INTENIUM also develops licenses and publishes casual games for the international market.

The direct connection between marketing and product innovation gives INTENIUM the basis for a constant improvement in the quality of these strategically important areas. The combination of products tailored to the needs of our consumers and efficient distribution system lie behind INTENIUM's success at the forefront of the global market for casual games. INTENIUM has at its disposal not only a broad on-line and off-line distribution network in Europe and the USA, but also its own production studio, which products are successfully distributed world-wide.

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