PacDoom - save the world with Pac-man and gain a victory

April 28, 2001

Be The Defender of Your Universe

PacDoom - save the world with Pac-man and gain a victory

This strategic arcade game offers you

  • 15 levels for wonderful adventures
  • various strategies to vary your rest
  • a lot of bonuses to win
Don't let vicious Virus to mess all the games in your computer. Your mission is to find and stop him beating your way through the maze full of scary monsters that lie in wait for you to attack you from behind. There is much for you to be done: you have to collect bullets, choose right weapon, seek for hidden doors and keys and obtain bonuses. This game will be a great pastime for kids and adults. All that you need is your skill for victory. You are provided with:
  • free technical support by e-mail
  • keeping your best results for World Championship
  • friendly interface
  • wonderful pastime for the kids of all ages
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