Absolutist launches its new interactive book Cinderella Classic Tale!

Absolutist launches its new interactive book Cinderella Classic Tale, which is based on the classic story by the founder of the fairy tale genre Charles Perrault.

Cinderella is designed specifically for children and is meant to be used for preschool activities as well as for a great bedtime story time. Gripping storyline and awesome graphics turn boring reading into breathtaking process of learning and developing language skills. Every page of the book opens a new dimension of educational possibilities for your kids. Just with one touch of a finger your children can interact with every single detail of the book like curtains, shoes, pumpkin, mice etc.


  • take a new look at the well-known story
  • great learning practice for your kids
  • 300+ animations for preschool activity
  • incredibly beautiful and colorful pictures
  • kind and cheerful book characters
  • every page has lots of interactive elements and keeps you entertained all the time
The book offers not just reading, but also a great number of mini-games to develop creative thinking, attention and logic skills. Hundreds of animation elements literally enliven the well-liked characters: kind and beautiful Cinderella, fairy godmother, courageous prince and envious stepsisters. Pictures themselves are evocative and lovely, which helps to plunge into the magic world of fairy tales. Help Cinderella to make her dreams come true. This is a book that should be read to any child!

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