Jigsaw for Kids, a new educational application from Absolutist is released on the AppStore.

Jigsaw for Kids
Absolutist started new year with announcing its new product line – educational applications for kids.
These apps are as valueable as crossword puzzles for kids, but much more effective in a way of improving creative thinking, reactions and decision making abilities. To the moment, two of them have already gone live on the AppStore, and Jigsaw for Kids was released this Monday. As well as Animal Hide and Seek, this free jigsaw puzzles for kids is a promo game supplementing Absolutist's first interactive book, The Elephant's Child.
The application offers two packs of jisaw puzzles with 18 pictures each. While completing Elephant pack children will meet the characters they might have already seen in the e-book, Cinderella pack unveils another Absolutist's upcoming release. 3 difficulty modes and 2 types of slide game mechanics are meant to meet the skill levels of a wide audience.
A range of hint options is also provided in order for the little users to receive only positive gaming experience. Be sure to retrieve this game to grant fun activities for children. Free to download, the puzzle features different unlockable content for advanced gaming. Thus, parents can estimate the educational value, the user-friendly interface and the replayability of the animals games for kids. Jigsaw for Kids is now available for iPhone/iPad.
Educational applications for kids: ifamilybooks.com
Download Jigsaw for Kids on the AppStore

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