A step forward - multiplatform engine. Every Single Game on All Platforms

April 15, 2004

A step forward - multiplatform engine released by Absolutist.com

In the nearest future all popular games by Absolutist.com will run onmultiple platforms. In addition to Windows desktop version, users will have Palm, Pocket, Mac, Linux, Symbian versions available.

All this becomes possible due to new versatile multiplatform engine with graphical, sound and physical enhancements, as well as multilingual support. Now users have choice between several European languages; besides, hieroglyphic languages support will also be available soon.

Vitaly Khit, Technical director:

"The major purpose in engine development was to create an ultimate tool for quick and quality porting of products to multiple platforms thus providing users with greater choice and comfort while playing."

Graphical enhancements reveal all graphic capabilities of modern devices. The engine works with 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit color depth, uses enhanced graphical algorithms to draw bitmaps, implements antialiasing, smooth moving, dynamic shadows and lights. Mathematical model allows implementing realistic physics and speedy game experience. The engine uses resource-saving technology that reveals low memory usage and saves device battery. Some features including multiplayer for playing via LAN, Internet and Bluetooth are at work now.

Alexander Zaslavsky, Director of Business Development:

"We often receive letters from users wishing to have this or that game on handheld or smart phone to have it available at any moment for the whole family. Now we are happy to announce that we now make these dreams come true."
BlockBuster, Rotate Mania, Matching Hearts, Smiling Bubbles, ButterFlight have been successfully released for multiple platforms. Bubble Shooter, Billiard, Bubble Snooker, Solitaire Studio, 3D Fling Shooter, Volleyball are among other popular games that will be released at the nearest future.Each game has the same friendly interface on all platforms in order to make playing more convenient and easy. Numerous game modes, marvelous graphics, enhanced sound and music, skins and endless fun are now available on multiple platforms. Windows mobile edition (that runs in small and convenient window with unusual interface) is free for all registered users of all mobile versions.

Absolutist.com is a developer and publisher of computer games for multiple platforms - from desktops to PDA and mobile phones. It is currently one of the few online companies dedicated to developing and publishing games for so many devices and platfroms. Company's portfolio features a whole range of shareware and freeware games of different categories and for various ages and tastes. Reviewers can receive registered versions of the games - just contact us!

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