For immediate release - Bubble obsession marches into battle.

November 11, 2003

New game released by - really live bubbles

  • Easy Ride, Novice, Expert, Master
  • 3D explosions and other enhanced graphical effects
  • user profiles with photos of each player
  • stunning sound effects and music
Taking a new life, an old favorite game has aroused tones of pleasure in fans and freshers. Absolutely new design with lots of cool features added brings new and new people to crowds thrilled by Bubble Shooter. Kids reject to go to bed without playing at least half an hour, company officers play all the lunch break, housewives forget about the dinner...

Reviewers are welcome to request the full version.Special discounts for your readers will be provided.

Flexible 3D graphical effects make the game really live and breathing. You may adjust the effects fully to your taste and computer.
Style of the game is hardly defined - lines, pool, tetris, puzzle - everyone will find there special features of favorite game style. So, choose something exclusive for every special moment.
Strategy gives you a possibility to check out your accuracy. Arcade will be much useful when you are seeking for a bit of active playing. Marathon will lead you through the maze of levels with increasing difficulty. Sniper is aimed to check out your shooting ability. Your whole family is sure to get involved into endless hours of playing.Due to the possibilty of creating player profiles, everyone's game and settings are saved separately. Here you may create your profile with the photo, your own one or one of those included into the game.
Skins and changing game speed varify the current game and let your imagination arouse. Replay mode helps you to analyse the last game and work out the most successful strategy. Demo mode just allows you to sit and watch relaxing movie.
You have a chance to show your excellent results not only to your family,but to the whole world - take part in the world contest and win a free gameas a month champion!
All this and more:

  • free technical support by e-mail
  • autosave mode
  • all previous and following versions of Bubble Shooter for free
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