Absolutist announces the release of Bubble Bonanza bubble-shooting game for the PC

It was 11 years ago that Absolutist burst onto the casual games scene with its first title - Bubble Shooter. The simple but addictive game mechanic grew to become an incredibly popular independent arcade genre with many clones and derivatives on all possible gaming platforms.

Now Absolutist has teamed up with KID Group LLC, a San Francisco-based game and toy invention group, to create a new spin on the distinguished genre.

Bubble Bonanza brings the bubble-shooting mechanic to life with a fun backstory, awesome new features and a distinct look and feel. It has 3 unique game modes, offering a player the chance to either complete a Quest, Master his skills on an advanced level or clear the playfield in a Time Trial. The Quest takes you to different places around the world to stop the evil boss from dropping his bad bubbles on us all. You must use the bonus system of energy bubbles, bombs, wild balls and more, while avoiding obstacles such as holes, logs and trashcans. Armed with your trusty bubble blaster, you must stop the advance of the bad bubbles romping and jumping on the backgrounds of deserted city streets, dense tropical forests and sunny ocean beaches.

The Windows title came out on Absolutist web-site on April 13, 2011 and is available for one-hour free trial.

Get Bubble Bonanza for Windows

About Absolutist Ltd.:

Absolutist has been established in 2000 and specializes in developing games for PC, Mac and iPhone/iPad, as well as Flash multiplayer online games and social games (for such social networking sites as Facebook, Vkontakte, etc.) The company has developed over 100 C++ titles to date and about 150 Flash titles. Absolutist operates a broad casual games network, the largest sites being Absolutist.com and Wellgames.com. The unique feature of all its brand titles is the game engine that allows to port the games to different platforms without any difficulties.


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