Absolutist ships another logic hit with "Buku Kakuro"

Cross-sums game to make waves online and at retail this summer

June 05, 2006 - Absolutist.com today announced that its newest logic game "Buku Kakuro" has been released as part of the "Buku Blast" 3-CD set published by Merscom. "Buku Blast" includes "Buku Sudoku", "Buku Kakuro" and "Buku MahJongg", all of which were developed by Absolutist and produced by Merscom.

Absolutist.com has also created a downloadable version of "Buku Kakuro", found online as "Kakuro Beaches" which features the Exotic Shores theme from the original CD version of the game.

"We know that there is quite a huge audience of gamers who are used to buying games through the Internet as opposed to going to Wal*Mart, so we decided to reduce the large file size of Buku Kakuro and create a downloadable variant," says Alla Khramtsova, Head of Sales & Marketing at Absolutist. "Adding convenience and accessibility proved to be the right thing to do with the Buku Sudoku offshoots known as Sudoku Pagoda and Blue Reef Sudoku."

Cross Sums, or Kakuro as it is called in Japan, is a very common type of logic game that is often referred to as a mathematical transliteration of the crossword puzzle. The downloadable game "Kakuro Beaches" will appeal to puzzle lovers, especially those who have become captivated by the Sudoku madness of the past year.

The goal of Kakuro is similar to that of Sudoku: using pure logic as well as simple addition and subtraction calculations, players fill empty cells with numbers from 1 through 9 without repeating values in any column or row. Clues, which are actually the sum of several adjacent cells, are found above each column and to the left of each row.

Unique features of "Kakuro Beaches" include:

  • Import your own numbers and create layouts using the game editor;
  • Generate millions of Kakuro games with a click of your mouse;
  • Decipher puzzles that vary in grid sizes from 6x8 to 12x12;
  • Play at your own skill level via three difficulty settings

"Kakuro Beaches" features striking coastal graphics such as beautiful tropical islands floating in infinite emerald waters. Wangle a few days' extra leave and take wonderful vacation while coaching your brain!

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