Phrasle Master


Free word games online are a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn a foreign language in an enjoyable and engaging manner, while also providing a relaxing break during your day. In this game, you piece together words to form proverbs, sayings, as well as wise and witty quotes, and then share them with friends.

You have 5 attempts to guess each phrase, with an option to earn an extra try by viewing an ad. After each attempt, the color of the words changes to give you clues: green indicates a correct word in the correct position, yellow signals a correct word in the wrong position, and gray means the word is not in the phrase at all.

You can solve puzzles in English, or practice French or Spanish by deciphering phrases made from selected words in these languages. These word puzzles are also excellent mobile games for seniors, as they help improve memory and keep the mind sharp. If you want to solve puzzles free offline, download Phrasle Master to your iPhone or Android device and enjoy the word game anytime, anywhere.