Billion: Block Chain Puzzle

The free tile-matching game is a fun brainteaser for iOS users. It challenges you with a quest to earn millions and billions of points as you match blocks. The rules of the blocks game are relatively simple. Connect digits which differ by one or are equal, and try to clear the board. Sounds easy, doesn't it? However, the devil is in the detail. If you make a block chain featuring 1-2-3-3, you gain 1233 points. Make it other way round, and the score will increase to 3321. The more puzzle levels you beat, the longer block chain you are able to make.

The brain game encourages you to apply your logic and strategy skills. Does it make sense to make a two-digit number, if you then make a longer chain? Or won't you risk it and go for few shorter lines of digits instead? Try different strategies and prove your IQ practicing Math games. Make your way through 16 mind-blowing levels of this challenging brainteaser. All the fans of puzzles with numbers must try it! Download and play the game free on your iPhone or iPad.