Jigsaw Puzzles: The Greatest Artists

Jigsaw Puzzles: The Greatest Artists grants you an opportunity to see and interact with the greatest works of Art presented in Museum of Fine Arts, the Louvre Museum, Musee d'Orsay, the Tretyakov Gallery and Hermitage.

Are you a connoisseur of art? If not, you will undoubtedly become one of the fans of Art with a new and absolutely addicting puzzle game Jigsaw puzzles: The Greatest Artists! It has become so easy to get acquainted with the famous artists, and to learn more about their works. The game perfectly suits both for kids and adults, and it helps to train your attention, memory, accuracy and logic skills.

Its level packs present a collection of canvases of such great artists as Anthony van Dyck, Jacques-Louis David, Claude Monet and Henryk Siemiradzki. Touch the beautiful and try to solve our amazing jigsaw puzzles. You can try yourself in different game modes, including fifteen mode. Prove that you are the winner, apply all your skills and knowlege and do your best to get a gold star!

- Touch the greatest works of Art
- Develop logic and attention
- Choose between the 4 different game modes
- Stunning thematical level packs
- Enjoy the canvases of famous artists